Do People Realize They Are Creating Their Own Overlords? Truthstream Media

Google and Amazon listening in on every private conversation and recording it to save in their data base to be shared with the government goons and their alphabet soup agencies and people want this crap?! Really!! Holy shit the human race has lost its flipping mind!

Big Brother on Steroids! A private corporation ”owning” you and all your most intimate details. How quaint is that!  Worse then that? You gave them your money and asked them to do it to you!

These jerks are so caring and loving of you and everything you are, everything you say, every detail of your life exposed to some brain dead idiot at the corporation who is listening to you….Big Brother is Watching you! And Listening!  9 hours in a shift and these perverts listen to your every detail and that of your children.

Perfect job for a pedophile! What a diseased mind it takes to want to have a job where you spy on everyone else and listen to their details. Where you take pieces of it and send it to your boss or law enforcement masters? Or perhaps they keep it for themselves those creeps who work for those companies.  Truly, people who are willing to do that to others have worms in the brain eating away at their grey matter!

Would you go out on a date with someone who asked the computer how best to manipulate you? Or you have a fight with your significant other and the machine orders flowers for you and sends them to your spouse? Or if a man, sends some gift to him at your expense of course. The computer will remove the money from your bank and handle the problem itself…just running the numbers don’t you know! Too bad it made you have an overdraft at the bank. The computer knows best!

No longer do you have to think of a thing. Just turn yourself over to the smart speakers or Alexa. They will live your life for you!  They will make all your decisions. They will be your parent who decides who is best for you to date. They will decide who you marry and how many kids you have. Hell, the machine will name your kids for you since your too stupid to do that for yourself. The machine will arrange your life to its satisfaction. What you might want is completely irrelevant. you will be assimilated. Resistance is futile!  Except people will do it willingly. They no longer need to be forced!

All you have to do is sit back and enjoy what little life your allowed to have without a machine deciding everything for you. Pretty much your only privacy will be in the bathroom. Oh yeah! Alexa wants to know the consistency of your stool and color of your urine because your health is at stake! Your machine jail warden cares so much for you. It must keep you fit!

Google will own all your health information and make your health decisions for you. And yet they are not AMA certified! How does that work?!

You and I cannot discuss health matters at all without being fined or jailed for practicing medicine without a license and yet Alexa and google and all the other tech companies can decide health issues for you and give you advice on what to do about your ”concerns” and they do so without a license.

So much for the AMA laws. They don’t apply to the machine. They only apply to people who discuss herbal and/or food related healthy medicine or give each other advise that is outside of the AMA control system.

Every detail of your life spread out for a machine to pick apart and then sell to the highest bidder. They can and are patenting your life and its details. Too bad you don’t benefit from the millions of dollars made off your intimate information. In fact, your not allowed to own or control your own existence but they can!

Talk about a person jailer! Each person will have their own Lord and Master! Their own God, Their own Jesus in a bottle. All at the touch of your thumbs! Or at the behest of a box that listens in on you and records your life so the AI will better know how to control you!

Where the hell is that exit door!! I want out. this is hell on earth. A prison from which there is no escape!


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