American Gestapo- The Citizens Themselves

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The New American way of life is one of being a spy for the state. Turn in your neighbors say those in power and American’s are eager to it to each other. 

We don’t need machine guns or jack boots marching down the street to enslave us. We do it to each other! 

The Department of Homeland Nazi’s tell the citizen to spy on your neighbors and people do it! They watch their neighbors and turn them in even if the neighbor did nothing wrong. The Gestapo citizen spy is willing to do harm to those around them and then pat themselves on the back for being a good little brown shirt!

What happened to the neighbor and his or her life? Destroyed! If they are lucky they were killed right away. If they are unlucky they will lose their job, their home, their children and all they hold dear simply because a vindictive neighbor called the cops on them and had them arrested for committing no crime other then to piss off their neighbor. ”See something….Say something”…Says the spider to the fly!

Call the police for every offense. Your neighbor does something different….well he must be a threat…have them arrested! There you go…The citizen has BECOME THE GESTAPO, THE SS. They are the ones to carry out harm to each other. They instigate it. They want that pat on the back by their master. They want to be recognized and rewarded for being a stasi spy for the state.  

Do they ever once think about the long term consequences of what they are doing? The police state exists BECAUSE of their willing participation in it. Atrocities take place because of people like them willing to carry them out! 

1164 people murdered by the police in 2018 How many of those were caused by neighbors ”seeing something and saying something?” How many caused by the stasi citizen spy?

All of the tyranny taking place is a result of fear! Fear induced by those who rule terrorizing the ruled.  American’s are the most fearful people in the world. They are eager and willing to kill other people in other countries because of their fear and willing to do harm to each other for the same reason. 

According to the official narrative. 911 was done by people who live somewhere else. Not one American committed a crime —outside of government that is— It was and remains an inside job, and yet the American worker, the citizen slave is handcuffed each and every day. Told to spy on each other. They are told to call the police agents of every size and shape. Every state has its versions of the mafia hit men. People allow their children to be literally raped by government agents for the privileged of flying on an airplane. They allow themselves to be raped as well. Two by Two Hands blue! 

The citizen accepts willingly punishment for crimes never committed and the price paid grows each and every day. The punish more severe. The handcuffs tighten. The noose around the neck grows tighter and tighter.  No greater travesty of justice could take place then to punish an entire nation for no reason other then they CAN!

Those being punished  ACCEPT THE PUNISHMENT willingly which to me is psychotic. It shows the effect of the trauma based programming and just what a convenient tool it has become.  

Special ”real id” drivers license issued to the newest slaves. I am surprised they have not lined us up to have us tattooed yet with our literal slave number but perhaps that is coming, Elon Musk has the answer for that! 

School bus drivers are told to spy on the children and their parents! See something, say something! watch your neighbors, watch the children and parents. Turn them in to child protective services, after all a new batch of child prostitutes is needed now that one of the biggest pedophiles supposedly offed himself in new York!  10,000 children a year go missing from that ”organized child procurement system”. yet not a word is said about it. no one looks for them.  No form of justice is given to those countless victims.

School bus drivers are being trained to be the latest in a long list of spy’s for the state.   They are told to watch for zoning code violations, potential crimes or supposed crimes, child abuse, unlicensed vehicles, all manners of crimes that did not otherwise exist before the spying bus drivers arrived with his list of crimes to ”watch” for. 

What harm will theses state approved spies do to the children and their parents?  What is the real price paid for being willing to do that too each other?

The loss of all resemblances of freedom? Their morals? Their sense of right and wrong? How about of humanity? all gone in the world of spies which each people chooses to be the ”smith” from the matrix. The virtual jailer for their fellow human beings. That is an insurmountable loss. One whose price is beyond paying. 

UPS drivers, fed ex, the mail man all spies for the state. Each one watching…waiting…hoping for an opportunity to do harm to the people they see every day. 

It truly is a silent planet! Just as C.S Lewis predicted in his book. The BENT rules this world and is inside each and everyone of us. Perhaps it is like Zachariah Sitchens says in some of his books. The Bent crash landed here and wants off this world and is trapped. ”It” Manipulated our DNA to incorporate some of its own in us so we each have ”IT” in us.  It mutated the two legged species that once was an earthling. Altered it to be just like IT full of fear and greed. Malice and a willingness to do harm to each other and to every other living life-form on this planet. Even willing to destroy the planet! Create massive weapons that are designed specifically to KILL EACH OTHER! How insane is that?

 How many are brave enough to throw off our nature and our programming and say NO! Not many from what i have seen so far. A handful only that really truly give a rats behind. Only a handful see things for what they are and would never do harm to their fellow earthlings. not for any amount of money. just a few left! 


found an appropriate song to suit the modern american! very appropriate and very fitting

Even Silicon Valley Techies Are Getting Sick From Wireless

dna damage, cancer, ringing in the ears, pain in joints, insomnia. just a few of the benefits we are given by wireless technology. The gift that keeps on giving!

my solution? shut it off! unplug the machines. I am dreaming huh!

people in the industry speak out only when they themselves are affected. if they were just making other people sick and not themselves i guarantee you would not see any of them talking about the harmful affects. they would instead say ”you people are crazy” there is nothing ”wrong” with our machines. Ah, but the tables turn and now it is a problem but only because they are sickening with the radiation poisoning through the air waves as well as the rest of us.  funny how that works!


Neurologist exposes ‘brain death’ myth behind multi-billion-dollar organ transplant industry

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ROME, June 5, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — A respected Brazilian neurologist is seeking to blow the lid off the “brain death” myth, saying it is being perpetuated to supply an international multi-billion-dollar transplant industry.

Doctor Cicero G. Coimbra, MD PhD, a neurologist and professor of neuroscience at the Federal University of São Paulo, Brazil, has also said recovery for comatose patients is often possible, but a tightly controlled medical establishment is not giving doctors and medical students the facts they need to “do the best they can” for their patients.

LifeSite sat down with Dr. Coimbra for an in-depth interview in Rome, during a May 20-21 conference on “Brain Death”: A Medicolegal Construct: Scientific & Philosophical Evidence, sponsored by the John Paul Academy for Human Life and Family.

In this interview (read full text below), Dr. Coimbra explains that the term “brain death” was coined in the 1960s, after the first successful human heart transplant “triggered a demand for transplantable vital organs to be harvested from patients” who were considered to be “hopelessly comatose” according to medical knowledge at that time.

There was “no preliminary scientific research” on the brain-death concept before the name was used, he said. But calling these patients “dead” enabled the medical community to overcome all of the legal hurdles associated with removing vital organs from these comatose patients.

Their main mistake, Dr. Coimbra argues, was to consider these patients “irreversibly” brain damaged.

By the 1980s, when organ transplants were performed around the world, medical researchers experimenting on animals discovered that when blood flow to the brain is reduced from the normal range to just 20-50 percent, the brain would “fall silent” — but was neither “dead” nor “irreversibly damaged.” By the end of the 1990s, this phenomenon — called “ischemic penumbra” — was demonstrated in humans, shattering the “brain death” myth.

The brain is silent but not dead, he said.

“Why is the ‘brain death’ theory still so prevalent, and what are students in medical school being taught about this?” LifeSite asked Dr. Coimbra.

The Brazilian neurologist explained that while medical students might hear about this if “information is provided to the general public,” they will not learn it in medical school.

“In medical schools, these concepts that I am telling you about — although they are published — are not available in medical textbooks. They are not available in medical meetings. In medical conferences you cannot find them,” he said, adding that information is being withheld to supply the organ donation industry.

If you speak to doctors one-on-one, they will often tell you they agree, Dr. Coimbra said, but “they don’t want to mess with the transplant system,” which has one of the most “well controlled systems” of information sharing in the world.

“The transplant system is a wealthy system; it is a powerful system,” Dr. Coimbra said. “They are everywhere in the medical community. They are in medical councils and medical academies; they are everywhere … Politically, they are very powerful.”

“In the United States alone, in 2016 the transplant system involved business to the tune of approximately 25 billion dollars,” he noted. “By 2025, it is expected to reach 51 billion dollars per year.”

It is “big business,” he said.

Dr. Coimbra continued:

The brilliant idea of the transplant system was to call what they thought to be irreversible brain damage “brain death.” Because whenever you say someone is against “brain death,” you think: “How can someone possibly be…against death? They don’t believe in death?” But “death” is just a word that was given to a “hopelessly comatose” patient — but they were “hopelessly comatose” at the end of the 60s, not now.

“In a very large number of those patients, they have no damage at all — no brain damage at all — they just have a silent brain,” he added.



rest of article is in the above link

what a surprise. The medical establishment lies about brain death so they can harvest organs in a multi-billion dollar industry. Your death is their profit margin. Murder by another name. 

People are quite literally murdered and their organs harvested. Doctors enriching themselves at the expense of another person. Ghouls is another term that comes to mind.  Vampires. 

A person isn’t brain dead. Their brain went silent. The medical industrial complex concocted a lie to sell the fact they are gutting and harvesting people whose mind is still there. Instead of helping that person they kill them and cut them up like a newly killed animal.

It is what gave their conscience a pass.  It gives family member a pass as well as they signed on to the lie. They allowed their love ones to be murdered and harvested for the millions of dollars to be made with their left over meat. That is all people are to the doctors these days…meat!  A paycheck. A yacht or an island! A bank account full of credits. numbers that have no meaning and no worth. Sold their souls for it too. 

The more I learn the sicker I become at how dark and evil this ”civilized” society has become. Is that truly ‘Civilized?’ To me, it is the complete opposite. Which most of the programmed world we live in is anything but civilized. It is  brutal. Savage. Greedy. Evil beyond most peoples understanding of the word. It claims to be one with while in reality it is something else! Something perverted and twisted. 

This insanity taking place each and every day is just one of the tens thousands of examples of that perversion. The diseased minds that think they are free. They are well programmed drones though. people that accept this shit and call it normal, natural and necessary. 

Saudi Arabia’s Technocratic Dream A Mega-City

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Why Is Saudi Arabia Giving Up A Tract Of Land The Size Of Massachusetts For “The World’s First Independent International Zone”?

The dream utopia of megalomaniacs. A prison city where those who live in it will be given every modern convenience. All they have to do in return is agree to live under 24 hour watch where their every move is monitored and controlled. Perfect for the technocrats. The city of the future!

Even your dna will be monitored and controlled. you will be assimilated. What you once were will be changed to suit those who rule you. You will become ”super”….

The people living in that city will even have their very own ”moon” to light up the sky. never again will they see the stars and the natural blue sky with clouds. NO!

The sky will be terraformed. Geoengineered to provide the perfect environment. Saudi will use their Geoengineering to make rain in the otherwise desert city.

A dream come true for monsters….A nightmare for others. Though I predict that most people with phones would jump at the chance to live there. They love their technology and the prison it creates. They prefer that life to the natural life of birds, trees, and real rain instead of synthetic man-made weather. GMO weather to go with the GMO crops and GMO PEOPLE. PERFECT! for the borg!



Under the leadership of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, a $500 billion “mega-city” is being constructed in the northwestern corner of Saudi Arabia.  This city has been named “Neom”, and when it is fully completed it will be approximately “the size of Massachusetts”.  The Wall Street Journal was able to recently examine 2,300 pages of classified documents related to this project, and what they discovered is absolutely stunning.  This “city of the future” will feature an artificial moon, flying taxis and robot maids, but there will also be gene-editing in order to make humans stronger and smarter, and everyone living there will be subjected to 24 hour surveillance.  In addition, we are being told that this will be “the world’s first independent international zone”, and many are concerned about what exactly that is going to mean.

But will his dream ultimately become a nightmare?  There are some extremely alarming things that I want to tell you about, but first let’s talk about some of the cool stuff that is planned for the city

The in-development Saudi Arabian city-state will have robot maids, flying taxis, and glow-in-the-dark sand, according to confidential planning documents reviewed by The Wall Street Journal. An artificial moon will light up the sky every night, and a Jurassic Park-style island will let visitors mingle with robot dinosaurs.

Sounds like a fun place to live, right?

And even though the climate of the region is extremely, extremely dry, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman plans to use “cloud seeding” to produce rain whenever it is needed.

In other words, the fact that they will be using geoengineering to control the weather in this city is not even being hidden.

There will also be gene-editing facilities that will be used to make humans stronger and smarter than ever before, and according to the Wall Street Journal, Neom’s board plans to make it a fully automated city “where we can watch everything”


How Real Mind Control Works

Brandon Smith, Activist Post
Waking Times

How Real Mind Control Works

When people are confronted with the idea of “mind control” they often think of something out of television or film media; a lone prisoner tortured, chemically dazed and conditioned into a hollow zombie as his captors squeeze information from him or use him to complete a task he would not normally do or morally accept. And while there is actually some truth to this kind of Hollywood depiction, as is evidenced in the exposure of government programs like MK Ultra, the most insidious forms of mind control are far more subtle.

Governments and the elitists behind them do not necessarily need to physically cage, drug and brutalize people in order to influence how they behave. All they need to do is manage their perceptions, expectation and assumptions. This can be accomplished with large portions of the public, rather than one person at a time.

The elites have always been fascinated with the idea of mass hypnotism. In the 18th century Franz Mesmer was famous for entertaining European royalty with displays of what he called “animal magnetism”, which included what we now know as hypnosis of individuals and groups. Mesmerism has since become synonymous with the attempt to befuddle people and dictate their actions while in a kind of trance. Hypnotism is still a very active subject in psychiatric circles and the US government took avid interest in hypnotism as a weapon during their MK Ultra experiments in the 1950s.

People involved in the field of hypnotism are quick to point out that a hypnotized person cannot be made to do something that goes against their code of ethics, but this is not exactly the whole story. A hypnotist makes suggestions that the subject chooses to follow (or refuses to follow) while in a trance state, however, what if they can be convinced (or fooled) through hypnosis into believing that a particular action is in their best interest in spite of their moral code or sense of self preservation?

This type of control over a subject can and has been accomplished in hypnotic therapy, and examples of “covert” hypnotherapy are also on record, including the example of an Ohio divorce attorney that used covert hypnotism against multiple female clients and is suspected of using it against some court employees to disarm their psyches and then rape them without memory of the incident.

About two thirds of any given population are capable of being hypnotized to varying degrees. Stanford University has been avidly searching for a brain pattern that acts as a fingerprint for those that are more prone to hypnotic influence, and they believe they have found certain factors involving areas of the brain that handle heightened focus and attention. Reduced peripheral awareness also helps to increase the subject’s vulnerability to hypnosis and vastly increases suggestibility.

These conditions can in fact be encouraged in large crowds of people. Consider this for a moment – What daily activity is the average person involved in that hyperfocuses their attention on a single point in space for long periods of time and removes almost all of their peripheral awareness? If you said “cell phone use” then you win a chicken dinner. Beyond creating an artificial and constant low dose of dopamine in the human brain leading to addiction, cell phones and other small electronic devices actually create the perfect conditions for a person to be hypnotized as they rip them away from all peripheral awareness and make them highly suggestible to those who know how to use covert methods.


rest of article in link above

We Need To Talk About Search- Corbett Report

i see this all the time now. i can’t find half the information i used to be able to find. a machine interferes and blocks all outside information. anything outside the main stream.

Information is banned for the slave class. 99% of the population are in that category. does anyone give a SHYTE?! not likely.

The most important thing Corbett says and is very very true is it is US that is being reprogrammed.

Information changes your mind, your opinions, your beliefs. It programs people to follow a certain herd mentality.  The news affects us wether we want it to our not. When the sources of all information and news is only ONE SOURCE then that is what people will believe.  It is what they in turn quote. What becomes their only belief as there is no other side to the story allowed to be seen. It is chosen for us by a machine….The people driving that machine are also part of the machine as they do not think outside of it. They have joined with it.

When only a select few people decide what is ALLOWED to be seen, read or heard then you will become exactly what they want you to become! you will think what they want you to think! you will feel and believe only what is ”approved”! Your reactions will be programmed and predictable.  Truly a borg hive!

We are Borg…You will be assimilated resistance is futile….and how many will do that? resist? not enough to matter i am sure